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Welcome to Eilat Hotel Association

Eilat Hotel Association

Welcome to Eilat, the beautiful resort city at the southernmost tip of Israel, where the desert meets the sea, the Red Mountains touch the crystal clear water of the Red Sea, and the underwaterworld is as fascinating as the life up on the beach….

We offer hotels of all categories, with different styles and designs, to match all tastes and demands.

Here you can choose to have a relaxed and calm vacation, or a vibrant, active holiday.

Restaurants & Coffee


Being an international resort attracting visitors from all countries in Europ, North America as well as Israelies, Eilat offering a big selection of International Cuisins, from French Bistros to Mexican

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Shopping in Eilat


Shopping is an integral part of any vacation, and Eilat has the added incentive of being a free-trade zone where everything can be purchased free of value added tax.

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Guests in Eilat will find, when touring in and around the сity, very unique attractions. The most famouse and popular places are the Underwater Observatory, the Dolphin Reef

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